Rat And Boa Perla Dress

Size: 00 / XXS
Color: White
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Jenny Jee
Jenny Jee
Jenny Jee

most flattering & festive mini dress (note: one button is missing and looking to get it fixed - no issue wearing the dress but please be mindful as its so delicate)

A mix of retro glamour and audacious attitude, Perla is a polka-dotted take on our cult, show-stopping dress.

Show off your summer glow in this signature silhouette.

There’s a touch of retro glamour about the black on white spots of the Perla. The plunging neckline and beautiful button-up front perfectly accentuate your waist; the voluminous sleeves add drama.

  • Polka Dot print
  • Voluminous sleeves
  • Elasticated cuffs
  • Button front detail
  • Zip Fastening

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