With the rise of constant consumption fueled by social media, women throughout the world are purchasing more than previous generations. This in turn contributed to the rise of fast fashion and left everyone questioning fashion's role in sustainability efforts. 

In May of 2022, LE ORA, was born at the intersection of fashion, accessibility, and sustainability. Our founder, Sunny wanted to create a planet and style conscious fashion rental solution that women across the world can get behind. 

This meant creating a community and technology that can power fashion's newest solution - rental. 

Our community of lenders and borrowers are more than just fashion-forward, planet-conscious, and entrepreneurial. They're change makers pushing the envelope on how fashion will be consumed.  


We advocate for wardrobes to have multiple lifecycles by creating community around the lender, borrower, and the world's most desired pieces.

Join us in transforming the way fashion is consumed! #fashioniscircular


LE ORA was born out of my desire to empower and connect style-conscious women who want to look their best, while still having the opportunity to be budget and planet conscious. We live in a time where we share everything from homes to cars, and I whole-heartedly believe that the next wave of the sharing economy will be in fashion. 

I'm so incredibly thankful for our community for believing in my vision and participating in this next wave of fashion consumption. I hope that you too, will take part in this transformational initiative.