Make back how much you paid with an average of 5 rentals and still be able to sell your items second hand after.  


Rental increases the lifecycle of your wardrobe. Now women around the US can enjoy your pieces without needing to purchase. 


Borrowers are responsible for the mending fee and the retail price of the item listed on site in the event of damages and/or losses. Rest assured, as you're protected under Le Ora's 100% lender guarantee.  

                READY TO START YOUR OWN FASHION BUSINESS?                  


1. List your rental pieces on our site

2. Ship the item without prepaid label once an order comes in

3. Receive 75% of the rental fee each time an item is rented out and receive payment 2 business days after the rental period is over

4. Dry clean your pieces before lending them out again

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if my pieces come back damaged or stolen? 

Email us at joinleora@gmail.com within 24 hours of noticing the damage including before and after photos and we will assist in facilitating the reimbursement needed for the repair, replacement, or payment within 5 business days. If the damage is beyond repair, we will ensure that you receive the market estimate value for the item or replace the item. 

2. Who is responsible for cleaning the pieces? 

Lenders are responsible for dry cleaning and ensuring that the pieces are ready to be rented by the next borrower. Please be gentle to mother gaia and choose the sustainable option when dry cleaning.

3. How much do you charge lenders? 

We charge a flat 25% every time an item is rented out

4. How will I know when someone has borrowed from me? 

You will receive an email notification about the rental. Please ensure that our emails do not land in your spam box. You can also view all of your rental transactions in your Seller Dashboard under Orders -> Order Listings

5. How do I get paid? 

After the rental period is over, you'll be paid within 2 business days and the funds will arrive within 3-10 business days depending on your bank.